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Action Speaks Louder Than Words

November 18, 2016

According to Google, energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. have identified what they are calling “6 Little Know Factors that Could Affect Your Energy Levels.”  It is my belief that if you are to excel on a high-level in this life, you must possess energy.

As the article pointed out, you can have all the good intentions of starting your own business, finishing college, or buying your own home.  But if you don’t hold the energy that you will need to lead and finish what you start, you will continue down the path of cyclical unsuccessful outcomes once the novelty of the new venture has worn off.

From my life experiences, I have learned that some people are natural starters and some are traditionally finishers.  The initiators can bring great ideas to the table, but your challenge is the next phase of putting purposeful action behind your endeavors to ensure they are brought to fruition.  Then there are the finishers.  You can jump on board and help someone else fulfill their dreams, but you rarely seem to be able to bring your visions to completion.  In other words, what both personas are lacking is energy.  The motivation, the confidence, the vigor, and the belief to start and finalize your mission.

Going back to the article, the six factors that were outlined that affect your energy could be considered more scientifically based. 

1.      Drink fluids, as it is important to stay hydrated.

2.       Food combinations can alter your digestion, in turn affect your energy level.

3.       We don’t breathe. Everything that we do each day over shadows one major function—the importance of taking time to breathe.

4.       The alkaline levels in your diet. Modern lifestyles produce an acidic environment in the body which causes disease and fat to thrive.

5.       How you eat is critical. Do you stand when you are eating meals or do you take the time to sit at the table and chew your food slowly?

6.       What are you burning for fuel—fat or sugar?  If you can train your body to burn fat at low intensities before switching to sugar, you can increase your endurance for hours.

Okay, I just provided you with some food for thought, which are essential factors to building energy and maintaining consistent levels—BUT, don’t let these become justifications for not stepping up.

It is easy for us to find reasons why we can’t do something, however, I challenge you to find one reason why you MUST change your mind—set and do something about it. I suggest that you take a realistic look at your “whys.” Why aren’t you able to finish what you start?  Why it is easier for you to build another person’s dreams verses your own?  Why are you allowing yourself to continue redundant patterns of disappointment? And a more vital question: How long are you going to make excuses about being tired, drained, worn-out, and bored?

No more explanations accepted. TAKE ACTION!

Zelda Corona is a business and life coach under her company Victory Vision Business Ventures, LLC. She co-authored the books No Artificial Ingredients – Reflections Unplugged and Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Successful Secrets for Mompreneurs. She is a member of Sister Speak, a trilogy of writers who formed in 2010 with a vision of self-expression and a goal of healing. The trio states they are inspired by grace, allowing them to take a genuine position on the struggles and successes of everyday living.

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