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Productivity Tips

March 11, 2016

“It is good to be busy, for the idol mind is the playground of the devil.” I realize that just to be busy for the sake of being busy makes no sense either, but I would like to point out tips that I use to maintain meaningful productivity.

· Create your tasks list—this could be a list of simple “to do’s” or it could very well be an extensive list of things that you need to accomplish for yourself or other people relying on you. Write the vision out and make it plain. Set a deadline or a goal line for yourself in order to get your tasks accomplished. There is no point in trying to accomplish a thing if you are not going to also create a deadline; then it becomes counterproductive.

· Start your tasks as soon as possible within realistic parameters so that you stay on course, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Tweak certain areas of your tasks if you need to. It is better to make adjustments early than to run out of time later.

· Be focused and maintain that focus as best you can. Remind yourself that your task deadlines affect the quality of your work and it could also affect someone else involved. This is a good practice so that you steer clear of falling into routine procrastination, which at its worst, accomplishes absolutely nothing. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, as the song by Billy Paul resounds in my head.

These tips might appear too easy and rudimentary, but they can be the most complicated thing for many to understand, and even harder for them to put into physical motion. Life is good when we are able to get things accomplished. At our best we feel motivated and a sense of fulfillment, which is everything.

Sonya Marie Bowman is a writer of positive prose for the Milwaukee Community Journal and a published co-author of the book No Artificial Ingredients – Reflections Unplugged. She is a member of Sister Speak, a trilogy of writers who formed in 2010 with a vision of self-expression and a goal of healing. The trio states they are inspired by grace, allowing them to take a genuine position on the struggles and successes of everyday living.

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