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January 18, 2016

This is a new year and my birthday is right around the corner. I will be 59 and thanking God for each year thus far.

Wow . . . another decade coming to an end and I am stronger than ever in mind, body and soul. I am looking forward to explore living life to the fullest. I am such a creature of habit that I will be stepping out of the box to try something new. I hope to not procrastinate and be open to change.

This is the year I will continue to work on my spiritual path to gain eternal peace, letting go of the past and forgiving my enemies and those who have wronged me.

I will continue to do less talking and more listening. I do believe 2016 is going to be my year to begin embracing getting older and wiser.

I am looking forward to the next decade. Wow, my 60s—the next chapter . . . bring it on!!

Happy New Year – wishing all Peace and Blessings.

After a long career of serving others through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a probation and parole agent, Tara R. Pulley stays active in her retirement as a member of Sister Speak, a trilogy of writers who formed in 2010 with a vision of self-expression and a goal of healing. The trio states they are inspired by grace, allowing them to take a genuine position on the struggles and successes of everyday living.

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