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Do A Different Thing

August 27, 2015

I have been forcing myself to take different routes to work each day this week. I was amazed to find that even if I simply change my route by a few blocks, I saw things or people who I normally don’t see on my regular route, and it was refreshing. It is not that my regular route has become mundane or unimpressive, it is simply an experiment I wanted to try, to see if it makes a difference in my day or even in the grand scheme of my life.

You would not think that veering off your course even by just one day could have such a positive impact. Each morning as enter my vehicle, I feel like a new adventure awaits me as I make my way to work. What will I see? Whom might I recognize? Will I be able to aid and assist another in need? I arrive at work feeling more empowered, more centered and more alive, all because I tried a new thing that made me feel a different way.

I carry this positive feeling with me throughout the course of my day, which makes me work not only harder…but smarter. It is as if the different routes opened up different chakras for me that I seldom use, giving rise to a more enlightened pattern of thinking. I suppose it is like the old saying, that sometimes it is best to take the road less traveled, for by taking that different road, we learn to gain more knowledge by mixing up our regular routine with the power and daring to do a different thing.

Sonya Marie Bowman is a writer of positive prose for the Milwaukee Community Journal and a published co-author of the book No Artificial Ingredients – Reflections Unplugged. She is a member of Sister Speak, a trilogy of writers who formed in 2010 with a vision of self-expression and a goal of healing. The trio states they are inspired by grace, allowing them to take a genuine position on the struggles and successes of everyday living.

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