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Chiropractic Care for LIFE!

November 12, 2014

Many people do not go to a chiropractor unless they have back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Chiropractic care can achieve positive results for these ailments, but it also holds potential to help your body achieve much more. Chiropractic adjustments maintain the health and integrity of your nervous system. Your nervous system literally controls every cell in your body and helps you move your body, know where you are at while you are moving, helps you breathe, digest food, produce hormones, and anything else that you can think of your body feeling or doing.

The absence of pain does not equal full life and vibrant health because less than 10% of your nervous system is dedicated to pain detection. Waiting for your body to produce a painful symptom before receiving chiropractic care is like waiting until the oil light comes on in your car before changing the oil. When the oil light in your car lights up, you have to immediately shut off your engine and call for help. I think we can all agree that your car runs better when you take care of it. When you experience pain, you immediately realize that something needs to be done. Your ability to perform decreases, and you need help. Your body also runs better when you take care of it. The difference between your car and your body is if your car stops working, you always have the option to buy a different car. You only get one body, and you are responsible for taking care of your body so you can live a full life.

Chiropractic care facilitates your own body’s ability to heal more efficiently from the deepest level. Full body, life-expression health is not something that you do one time and you are done. Healthy living is a journey and a choice you make every day. It is the sum of all your daily life choices. Healthy living is much more than chiropractic care, but is woefully incomplete without chiropractic care. It is taking care of your body from the inside out through chiropractic care; nutrition and life activity (exercise); taking care of your mind by monitoring stress levels and nurturing relationships; and taking care of your spirit through meditation and/or prayer.

What is the value you place on your personal health? Are you ready to burst out of living in mediocrity? Are you hungry for something that will change your life? Do you want to live up to your fullest potential? If you are ready to experience fullness in life and a deeper level of healing, I invite you to embark on your journey of chiropractic care for LIFE.

Rebecca Eberle is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and owner of Wider Horizons Chiropractic: a place of chiropractic healing.

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