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Being A 13 Year Old Veggie

April 22, 2012

Vegetarianism. Many people consider this an impossible concept. They see meat as an essential part of growth. However, it’s not at all. Growing up in a household of vegans, I was always exposed to the trendy veggie lifestyle. At the age of ten, I decided to try it out. In the beginning, I was slightly tempted by bacon at a sleepover or a hot dog at a barbeque, but as I got into the veggie groove, meat became inedible to me.

Being such a young vegetarian, people constantly ask me, “Don’t you need meat to grow?” I’ve been asked this question an uncountable number of times. And let me say…responding to this gets very tiresome. Meat is not a growth pill. It’s a slaughtered animal seasoned with spices and sauces. I grow from eating all of my vegetables, fruits, whole grains and drinking lots of water. Also, I have never been considered short for my age, I might add.

It’s actually proven that meat messes around with your hormones too. Do we really needs our hormones messed around with? Okay, now that I have dissolved that question, I usually am smacked with another one. People will ask, “Aren’t you tempted by meat?” It’s almost funny how people see me as this deprived poor thing just because I don’t eat meat. There isn’t a single thing that I’ve been deprived of since becoming a vegetarian. There isn’t a single food that I have lost through my diet change (There are vegan versions of everything! My favorite? Coconut milk ice cream.). I recommend at least attempting the lifestyle of a veggie lover, just for a day. Give it a go before you judge it from the get-go.

Brayden Anne, Middle School Student

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