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Vegan in College

March 16, 2012

What does it mean to be a vegan in college? Well, initially it means a lot of weird stares and awkward comments. If that isn’t hard enough, it means a lot of extra effort to make sure you stay healthy and in tip top shape. While I may crave kale, butternut squash and all other sorts of colorful and nutrient dense foods, that is not what is provided in the mundane college cafeteria lines.

All of my pocket money is always put towards weekly trips to Whole Foods, where it is inevitable that I will splurge on my favorite foods. Other than that, me and the other vegans on campus (who seem to be invisible) are reliant on campus food that is limited to dry sandwiches, overdone pasta and salads that make a true salad-lover, like myself, detest eating.

So, what is a girl to do? Very simply, you have to do your best to eat well while at the same time realizing that it is not realistic to assume that everyone will know about the vegan diet. It is up to YOU to inform people and lead by example by eating as healthful and whole as possible. Last but not least, savor each moment when you are at home on breaks and are able to open a fridge to fresh fruits and veggies and a freezer to delicious coconut milk ice cream. If anything, being a vegan in college is a testament to your passion towards what you eat and ultimately it will only make you more resourceful and appreciative of each and every Whole Foods trip.

Morgan Mekertichian, Marquette Student

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