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Spring Forward

March 12, 2012

Today, we change the time. We spring forward. Why is it that at this time of year we feel a need to deep clean the house so that everything is sparkling? The dark heaviness of winter has become a cloak too heavy to bear and we need the renewal that Spring brings. Simply put, a fresh start. This is a time to start things afresh, to finish what we have started and for dreams to come true. If we have no dreams to look forward to then really what is the point? The sun will continue to rise and fall, but if we don’t continue to grow and change we might as well call it a day.

I was out raking the leaves today, the ones that shouted their beauty and colours in the Fall but now lay shriveled in the dirt. Their past is gone, but the new buds sprouting on the bushes and trees are just beginning their journey. As I was working away and raked I saw the beginning of new life…new grass and even new weeds struggling against all odds to poke their way through the debris towards the sun and a new day. That made me think, that if the tiniest flower can set root through the cracks in the cement then there is a chance for all. As the days lengthen and darkness shortens we all have the same opportunity, “spring arrives at the close of a winter day” (Elizabeth Bowen) so put behind  all the things that didn’t work last year, that door is now closed and grab your chance to start anew. For me that means plant the herbs and flowers to brighten up the last few chilly days even if everyone says it’s too early (I’ll just bring them inside at night) and start everyday saying “it’s a new day and a fresh start”. Nothing should hold any of us back…fortunes come and go, but you only get one chance to live this life so do it and do it well.

You know what? Instead of turning the clock forward today, I will be turning it back so that I can get a head start on the “New Year”.  I intend to be that weed that makes its way against all odds and often irritates some who come in contact with it. I will turn my face to the sun and rise up in all my glory and then when Autumn comes again, I will be there for the next  wind that will scatter my dreams out into the world ready to give birth again. Happy Spring!

Beverley Robb, Homemaker

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