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Morning’s Darkness

March 2, 2012

I’m tossing and turning at 4am.  With no planes to catch and actually being in my own bed, I’m annoyed at my mind’s humor.  I try convincing myself that I can fall back to sleep and into that delicious dream.  What was it again?  Something about flowers and a house?

“Humpf!”  I toss over on my left side, seeing the small twinkle of my street lights.  Morning’s darkness and silence teases me about not participating with the rest of the Central Time Zone.  Lord knows if I can’t hear my neighbor’s children…everyone really is sleeping.  But my mind is even more active, touching on every subject of my life.  “Is this really necessary NOW?” My thoughts are barely entertaining at best and I find myself annoyed with how easily my monkey chatter can distract me from quiet stillness.

I drag my tired body and overly alert mind out of bed.  I look out my front windows and see definite proof that my tiny section of the world is still tucked away in their beds.  Why doesn’t this heavy, dark silence seem the same as last night?

It was most definitely different.  The silence that fell over last night’s approach was more one of rest.  It was the ending of a day, the ending of work, chores, and all things that keep us busy.  It was what the birds didn’t say that hinted to the natural rhythm of activity.  Once the sun took its final bow with explosions of pink and orange, the graceful moon shed her gentle light and allowed the heaviness of darkness to blanket the Earth.  It was an external reminder of our internal light needing to dim and quiet. This was indeed the dark and silence that’s needed to rest.

But this morning’s silence and heaviness seems to have a far different purpose.  Could this silence be for internal awakenings…for beginnings?  Just as we were created in silent darkness prior to our birth, morning’s darkness asks for creation.  This lack of light hides “what is” so we can imagine and begin creating what is possible.  With few distractions, we are face-to-face with our own thoughts.  What an amazing thing…to have just spent hours dreaming, hours of tapping into self and to awake to find the perfect condition to create what is possible.  Do these quiet moments exist solely to create our dreams?  Can we tap into this creative moment and carry it throughout our day?  This makes “living your dreams” take on a whole new meaning.

I smile to myself, now loving my mind.  She had her priorities straight.  So I began “day dreaming,”–taking action on my true life’s passion.

Each dark morning asks you to wake up your dreams and start living them.  Please join me.

Amanda Goers

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