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Are You A Corporate Mystic?

February 24, 2012

Succeeding in business has often been viewed as a competitive, numbers-driven game that relies on hard facts, financial analysis and exploitation of markets. That’s the old paradigm folks, and it simply isn’t working any more. We are rapidly moving away from this type of “fear-based” competitive environment, and in turn, creating a corporate playground that thrives on caring and collaboration.

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. and Kate Ludeman, Ph.D., studied hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners from companies such as Motorola, Dell, and the like, for their groundbreaking book, The Corporate Mystic.  Their findings led them to make the following prediction. “Successful corporate leaders of the twenty-first century will be spiritual leaders. They will be comfortable with their own spirituality, and they will know how to nurture spiritual development in others.”

Stephen Covey summed it up best when he said, “Spirituality cannot be something a person toys with, a little compartment of their lives. It has to be at the core, in a way that affects every other part of their lives.” Today’s most successful leaders are in business for their hearts and souls as well as their wallets. They are supportive to their colleagues and possess an energy that unfortunately is hard to find nowadays.

Succeeding in business now requires us to employ our intuition, tap into a collective consciousness of readily available signs and guideposts, and develop a more collaborative approach to the world at large. “But how do I make that leap?” you may ask, “How do I learn how to develop these skills when the other way is all I’ve known?” The only answer that I have for you is, spiritual coaching.

A recent 2011 study conducted by Qa Research, an independent marketing research agency in the UK, found that 80% of the organizations surveyed had used, or are now using, coaching to facilitate the growth and development of their employees.  Operating without this type of assistance in today’s corporate culture simply no longer makes sense.

Spiritual Coaching is a way to tap into a higher intuition, ask yourself some tough questions, and get straight answers. It is spiritual coaching that led me to become a visionary artist.  A few years back when I was asking myself questions about my business, my intuition led me to start drawing. Even though I have no formal training and never had a conscious desire to become an artist, I now have art in over twenty countries. It truly is a gift from God, the universe or whatever you’d like to call it.

Lori Daniel Falk, Spiritual Life Coach, Visionary Artist and Public Speaker

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