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Have You Ever Tried Crossfit?

February 18, 2012

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I tried to start doing Crossfit workouts. Although I have known about this sport for roughly five years now, there has been one thing that has held me back – commitment.

This is not the type of sport that you can piddle through. Everything from diet, to sleeping schedule, to dedicated workout time must be properly allocated each day. In other words, the stars have to align.

At least, this is what I thought for the past five years. Don’t get me wrong, you should be taking these things into account, but it’s not as if the average person can’t get the ball rolling if they really wanted it bad enough (and I mean really want). If you have this, everything else pretty much falls into place. So don’t ever use them as excuses. will tell you everything you need to know about your workouts of the day (or WODs for short). They do a really good job of combining endurance, strength, and power exercises while hitting all of the muscle groups. And yeah, I get it; pretty much every single workout routine will say this same exact thing, but with Crossfit you don’t have a routine, and there is no visibility into how you will have to prepare yourself for tomorrow. All you need is commitment.

P90X will talk about muscle confusion and getting your body to constantly readjust to hitting new muscle groups, which is good, but you look like a complete idiot doing it. And don’t get me wrong, but P90X is more about “shredding” yourself than actually developing a cohesive, well-rounded fitness model.

And did I mention the Crossfit Games every year?! Essentially, different cities will have their own Crossfit gyms, and their members will compete with other gyms in regional and sectional competitions. It’s a lot like wrestling in that individuals can advance either as an individual or as a team. When the finalists get to the ultimate Crossfit Games, they only find out about the events a few moments before it actually starts, so there is no way to prepare other than being ready for truly anything.

Talk about fit too. The women and men that compete in these events have reached a whole new level of fitness. I would recommend this sport to anyone, no matter how old or athletic, as long as they want it bad enough.

Matthew Hixson, Business Analyst

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